• BHSAI, ITT, SM, SEC, BHSI, FBHS Reading List - Further Reading for Higher Levels

    This is a basic reading list that we recommend as the beginnings of your research into the above qualifications from The British Horse Society. These qualifications
    take a lot of knowledge, and therefore we do not supply you with full recommendations, but we find the below to be a solid starting point, as approved by Jo Winfield FBHS.» Download

  • BHS Recommended Reading List for Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, PTT

    A guide to everything you need to prepare for the BHS exams - or just to further your own training and development.
    The BHS Bookshop is the largest specialist equestrian bookshop in the UK and all profits from our Bookshop sales go towards our charitable aims to improve the lives of horses.» Download

  • BHS Guide to Careers with Horses

    The popular booklet which has been distributed by the BHS bookshop for many years has now been completely revised and is available to downloaded completely free of charge. » Download

  • Recommended Reading List - Horse Owners Certificates

    » Download

  • » Download