100 Ways To Improve Your Horse's Health Hardback Susan McBane

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More than just a sound guide to keeping your horse healthy, 100 Ways to Improve Your Horse's Health takes a thorough and comprehensive look at horse care.

Here are 100 suggestions for creating a better environment, providing better management, and coping with accidents and disease, all placing the emphasis on protecting your horse's health. Alongside the latest thinking on first aid and how to deal with common illness is sensible, practical advice on feeding, farriery, and creating a suitable management regime for your horse.
- Advice on every facet of horse health care
- Emphasis on prevention of health problems
- Easy-to-access information with cross references to further related advice

Reassess your own routine and find new ways to raise your horse's level of fitness and well being with this easy-to-use problem solver which can be delved into time and time again.
Author of over 40 equestrian books, SUSAN McBANE has a straightforward and accessible approach to horses. She has an HNC in Equine Science and Management, is co-founder of The Equine Behaviour Forum and holds the Classical Riding Club Gold Award.