BHS Complete Manual of Horse and Stable Management The British Horse Society

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The British Horse Society's comprehensive guide to the care and management of horses and ponies. This edition has been fully revised, updated and expanded, with the addition of many new illustrations, so bring it into line with current thinking in the horse world. Filled with reliable information and advice on modern stable management practices, the book provides a sound foundation for Horse Knowledge and Care Stages, BHS Stable Manager's Certificate. Throughout, the emphasis is on the adoption of correct and safe procedures for the welfare of all who come into contact with horses, as well as for the animals themselves.

Filled with coverage on the horse, care of the horse, watering and feeding, saddlery and tack, specialist care for the competition horse, the horse at grass and the stable yard - this book is invaluable as a general source of information or as a quick reference guide for anyone looking after horses.