BHS Stage 2 DVD RECOMMENDED The British Horse Society

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In all the DVDs in this series, Chief Assessor Patrick Print FBHS gives the viewer a guided tour through BHS exams. This DVD will show you the content of the exam day, what the assessors are looking for and what exactly is involved.
Before entering the riding section of the Stage 2 examination the candidate must have passed or be entered for the BHS Riding and Road Safety test.
In the Stage 2 examination candidates ride two horses and have to show they are proficient in walk, trot and canter with and without stirrups. In the jumping unit candidates jump two horses, the first is ridden in an open space as part of the warm up.
This DVD will also cover the Stage 2 Horse Knowledge and Care exam where candidates are required to take seven units including practical, theory and safely lungeing a horse for exercise.
Filmed exclusively at Warwickshire College, the DVD is narrated by Patrick Print, who comments at regular intervals throughout the exam on the performances of the individual candidates, highlighting both their strengths and weaknesses. He also talks to the assessors at the end of each section and they offer feedback on various aspects of the exam.
Any prospective candidate will find this series to be an invaluable aid when preparing for BHS examinations.
Approx running time 80 mins