Four Steps To Riding Success Karin Blignault

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The author has combined theory and experimentation to develop a system of training (and teaching) that is straightforward, fast and brings real results.
The methods described in this book teach riders to achieve rhythm, balance, suppleness and the round flexor frame in their horses and quickly. Most riding books, including those by classical masters, focus on "what to do" rather than "how to do". This book is different. For example, Karin explains how you can apply your body in riding, rather than focusing primarily on your body position, and thus your riding position automatically becomes correct. She believes that riders should learn to control the whole horse as soon as possible and uses four exercises to teach riders control of the horse's head, his shoulders, his ribcage and his hindquarters. The results are immediate. These exercises are the building blocks of the shoulder-in and the half halt, which are the cornerstones of balanced riding. They are used to improve every movement in dressage and jumping.
KARIN BLIGNAULT competes at FEI-level dressage, teaches riding and participates in equestrian seminars.
Having studied occupational therapy, Karin took a diploma in the education of children with learning difficulties and then studied neuro-developmental therapy. Following this she went on to lecture on the development of visual perception and learning theory. Karin became increasingly aware of the parallels between communication techniques and the facilitation of movement in disabled children, and the key concepts of classical equitation. Further exploration of these parallels, in which she combined her knowledge of anatomy, neurology and biomechanics with her equestrian expertise, led to her writing books for riders and teachers, namely Equine Biomechanics for Riders and Successful Schooling. She lives in Cape Town and is in great demand as a trainer at home and abroad.