From Warming Up To Cooling Down Susan McBane

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Horses can be made or broken by the way they are warmed up or cooled down. A lot of people don't realise how important these two things are. In this book you are shown what the consequences can be of not warming up or cooling down to your horses physical health as well as mental health.
The author gives advice on the best way to: prepare a horse for a schooling or work session, loosen and warm him up, work him in, introduce and practice new movements, ride in a competitive or work situation without over-stressing the horse,cool down under saddle and in-hand, care for a horse immediately after work, settle down the horse after work, physically and mentally.
The purpose of this book is to follow in an easy way exactly how to effectively care and manage for the horse during these exercises. thus giving riders, students and horse owners the confidence needed to make accurate decisions on the best way to proceed during the schooling, working and management processes!