Gallop to Freedom Frederic Pignon

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When the amazing equestrian-themed 'Spectacular' called Cavalia, melding costumes and theatrics with stunt riding and haute ecloe, first took North America by storm in 2003, few people knew who Frederic Pignon and Magali Delgado were. But the whole world was soon abuzz with talk of the magic display these two remarkable individuals provided their audience, whether horse-crazy or layperson, none could walk away unaffected by the powerful connection they demonstrated with their unparalleled cast of beautiful horses.
Now in this remarkable book, Frederic,a specialist in liberty and groundwork, and Magal, a talented dressage rider at Grand Prix level, combine efforts and share the secrets of the breathtaking relationships they have cultivated over the course of their lives with horses.

If you weren't lucky enough to see this fantastic duo at HOYS this year then check them out on Youtube, it is truely amazing to watch.