Horse Welfare - Use Not Abuse Christopher Hall

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This book is dedicated to the protection of horses, ponies and donkeys and is based on first-hand international experience from a lifetime spent with horses hunting, racing and welfare whether with The Pony Club, The Jockey Club or international horse charity. Horse Welfare, Use not Abuse is about all equines from The Pony Club to the highest levels of performance racing, show jumping, eventing and endurance riding. In his travels, Christopher has met the leaders of most of the equestrian sports both nationally and internationally.

From a position of authority, he provides an insight into the high stakes world of racing where winning is everything and calls for tougher measures to fight drug abuse, condemning outright all those who use drugs to achieve victory.

Horses are beautiful animals that can work with their owners to the best effect; it is only right that they should all be cared for with respect so that the partnership is more equal, one of working together and free from abuse.

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