In Deference Anja Beran

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Written by Anja Beran this book is written for the beginner who wants to avoid making many errors and the physical consequences these could have on the horse. It is also written for the experienced rider who wishes to find inspiration as well as practical information and advice on how to further improve and enrich the training.
Anja Beran uses her practical experiences based on the principals of classical dressage to show the trainer the longer term negative effects improper training can have on the horse and how by using the classical methods we can not only bring out the best in our horses but also ensure that they are not being injured in the process.
Dr Gerhard Heuschmann compliments Anjas teachings by answering questions using science which show exactly what the negative effects of some training techniques can be and how they can be rectified.

Together they have produced a truly fabulous book which all riders should read.
The book is complimented by colour photographs and stunning pencil sketches throughout.