Lungeing & Long-Reining/Improving Your Dressage Test 2in1 DVDs

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With Dane Rawlins
Dane Rawlins is one of the UK's foremost international dressage riders and trainers having trained intensely in Germany and being a former British National Champion he is more than qualified to talk you through both aspects of this DVD.
Lungeing & Long-Reining - This DVD shows you how to train a young novice horse correctly to prepare for backing and schooling as well as how to lunge and long-rein a more advanced horse to get them up to a higher level. A truly invaluable aid.
Improving Your Dressage Test - With a wealth of useful tips you are shown how to prepare for a dressage test so that when you come to performing your test you are able to pick up vital extra marks as well as enjoying yourself in the process.