My Riding Days Return - a guidebook to taking up the reins again Marlitt Wendt

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The childhood dream of happiness on horseback stays with many people even during long breaks from riding that are often due to work or family commitments. This book presents different options for a harmonious relationship between returner and horse, so that a happy memory can become a workable vision for the future.
The author gives tips on finding the right riding school and the right riding style and on how to spot a good riding instructor and good schoolmasters. In particular, attention is focused on the many and diverse fears and how to overcome them, as well as on the doubts that have grown over the years and how to dispel them. Because balance is such an important part of riding, a whole chapter has been dedicated to motor learning. The book systematically deals with the individualís wishes using appropriate methods so that getting back in the saddle becomes a concrete and achievable goal.

From the contents
The dream of riding - from a childhood dream to a vision for the future
Learning to ride with all the senses - how do horses and people enjoy learning?
Seeing eye to eye with the horse - ways of behaving for harmonious cooperation
The downside - fears and how to deal with them
Balance with feeling - motor learning
From the sofa to the saddle - learning to give the aids