Nature, Nurture and Horses Paul Belasik

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Follow along as four young horses (Corsana, Kara, Elsa and Escarpa) leave their babyhood behind and begin their training for future careers as sport horses, well schooled in the art of classical dressage. Renowned rider, trainer, author, and equestrian philosopher Paul Belasik shares the daily schedule, weekly events, and his own musings over the schooling and training of these young horses through honest and enlightened journal entries; giving the reader insight into the classical training system he has used for around 40 years.

Whether that horse is a pleasure to work with and ride, or dull and dispassionate, or worse, a danger to himself and others, iis ultimately dependent on the right mixture of nature and nurture, and a sensitive, knowledgeable hand to offer lessons in fair yet effective measures.

"I invite you to see where it ends, how the four horses I bred and saw into the world learn, grow in strength, and mature in mind, and how my own understanding continues to evolve. The young horse, and the emotional and physical transitions to which he must adjust in the course of classical dressage training, and quite simply, in 'growing up', will forever be a complex equation with many variables and no one 'solution'...just infinite possibility." Paul Belasik