Nursing Your Horse Diana R. Tuke

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At some time or another, most owners will be faced with having to nurse a horse or pony through some illness or injury. In most cases the veterinary surgeon will determine the correct treatment, but the horse’s response to it, and the extent to which he benefits, can be significantly influenced by the standard of care provide by the owner.

In this book, Diana Tuke draws on a lifetime’s personal experience of living with and caring for horses to provide an invaluable aid to helping your horse to provide an invaluable aid to helping your horse to recover from illness or injury. Her book sets down the principles of good nursing care and looks at the common ailments and accidents, showing you how to identify problems before going on to explain what you can do about them. From the basics of finding a good vet and formulating an appropriate nursing regime, to the practical skills of administrating medicines and first aid, the book contains all the guidance you need to enable you to help your horse recover his health and return to work.

Illustrated with examples taken from the author’s own experience, and supplemented throughout with black and white photographs and line-drawings, Nursing Your Horse is both a practical guide and a useful source of reference that is an essential addition to every horse owner’s bookshelf.

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