Raise Your Game- How to speak fluent sport Ian Valentine - Cartoons by Oliver Preston

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Sport can be downright odd! Think of a tennis court and its scoring system. Or the organised chaos of a rugby scrum. Or just about everything to do with cricket. That s why sports writer Ian Valentine and celebrated cartoonist Oliver Preston have teamed up to produce this wonderful accompaniment to all things sport.

In a nutshell each sport has a useful introduction which explains how/where/what followed by associated lingo and slang that will amuse, impress and interest the reader. The book gets to the essence of why sport is such a joy to either play or watch. All topped off by the cartoonists unique, witty and priceless observations.

A hugely entertaining and illuminating read for the curious spectator who wants to gain a better understanding of what s going on, to the die-hard addict who wants a good read; with more than fifty sports laid bare from rugby to cricket, sumo wrestling to snowboarding and sports from both the Summer and Winter Olympics included, this is an essential and energetic accompaniment to sport.

About The Author

Ian Valentine is a brand consultant and magazine journalist (GQ, Country Life, The Daily Telegraph), who has previously written books on the Olympics, cricket, football and country sports. Originally from Scotland, Ian now lives with his wife and their two children in Wiltshire.

About The Cartoonist

Oliver Preston s cartoons have been published in The Times, The Guardian and The Independent and he draws regularly for The Field magazine. Oliver s work has been published in 16 books, including compilations of his cartoons and he is the current chairman of The Cartoon Museum in London.