Running a Tackshop as a Business Janet MacDonald

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In "Running a Tack Shop as a Business", the author warns of the pitfalls of trying to run a business simply as an adjunct to a hobby - or even, essentially, as a hobby. For those who wish to turn personal interest into commercial success, Janet Macdonald offers a logical blueprint. Step by step, she examines key issues including where to locate, financing a premises, what to sell, ordering and stock control, record keeping, cash flow, taxation, insurance, staff employment, security, advertising and specialization. Also included, for the first time, is additional material on mail order, cataloguing and on-line merchandising. All of these matters are dealt with in down to earth layperson's language, with a smattering of humour thrown in, making "Running a Tack Shop as a Business" both appealing and essential reading for anyone contemplating such a step.