The Common Body Paula Josa-Jones

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Publication Date: September 2017
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In this fascinating book, dancer, choreographer, and visual artist Paula Josa-Jones combines her two greatest passions movement and horses in order to help us develop somatic awareness: Consciousness of breath, integrated and coherent motion, and development of movements and touch.

Through stories and exercises, Josa-Jones demonstrates how connecting with the horse can develop this awareness. And because horses are authentic beings their inside feelings and intentions match the outside expression and behaviour our interactions with them can help us become more aware of our inner emotional landscape and its relationship to what we are expressing outwardly.

The Author
Paula Josa-Jones is a dancer, choreographer, and writer known for her visually rich, emotionally charged dance theatre. Her dances have been produced in Russia, Europe, Mexico and the US. In 2001 she premiered RIDE, a groundbreaking work of equestrian dance theatre.

Her work with dance and horses include live performance, film and humanitarian work with rescued and abused horses. An avid student of dressage, Clicker Training and also a Guild-Certified Tellington TTEAM Practitioner, the author is eminently qualified to teach and inspire all with this fascinating book.