The Problem-Free Horse Claire Lilley

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Problems when handling your horse can happen to any owner at any time and can be a result of thoughtlessness, fear or simply just not knowing the right thing to do at the right time. This book is a common sense guide on how to cope with all the little difficulties that can turn the euphoric dream of becoming a horse owner into an uncontrollable nightmare. Claire Lilley is a well known trainer who has worked with horses for many years and has witnessed the myriad problems that occur when a horse's behaviour gets the better of the handler. "The Problem-Free Horse" offers sensible, practical advice on managing horses in the stable, the field and schooling from the ground, from putting on the bridle correctly to clipping an awkward horse, from dealing with an escape artist to when to call the vet. Learning to handle your horse correctly will prevent behavioural problems in the long run, but should your horse already have bad habits, there is advice here for you too. Topics include: handling and control, behaviour in the field, clipping, feeding, rugs, bandages and boots, tacking up, veterinary care, feet and shoeing, grooming, leading in hand, long reining, loose schooling, and lungeing.