The Riding Doctor Beth Glosten

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"By helping you understand how your body interfaces with your horse, I hope to help you meet your riding goals and, at the same time, ride in good health and prevent injury. My approach is based on anatomy and how the human body works. I present the skills you need to ride well and offer specific exercises to teach these skills." Beth Glosten, MD.

- Clear, practical explanations of the realities of the human body and how it can be trained to accommodate the shape and movement of the horse, as well as the skills necessary in all riding sports.
- More than 50 easy-to-do exercises to help develop fitness and mechanics specific to riding.
- Over 300 colour photographs and more than 40 anatomical illustrations.
- Case studies examining the common problems and practical solutions using the exercises in this book.
- Recommended warm-ups and workouts to help every rider get started with a programme of healthy, pain-free, beautiful riding.