Trust Instead of Dominance Marlitt Wendt

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Do riders always have to “dominate” their horses? In this book behavioural scientist Marlitt Wendt explores the widely held belief in the theory of dominance over the horse and presents a new scientifically based concept which is founded instead of friendship as an ethical alternative. She covers a range of topics from herd behaviour, the concept of hierarchy through to an insight into current learning theory.

From the table of contents:
The horse – more than just one of a herd
Patchwork family – the classical herd structure and its variations
Name and rank – a horse’s social herd structure
Understanding communication – how horses communicate amongst themselves and with mankind
The myth of dominance – assertiveness training viewed from a behavioural science perspective
Ethical horsemanship – enriching a horse’s life
Diagnosed with a lace of assertiveness over your horse
How a horse’s psyche can be misunderstood
Friendship instead of dominance – the invisible bond

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