Valegro: Going for Gold! Carl Hester

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Valegro - Going for Gold is the fifth book in the Blueberry stories, written by one of the most admired and respected dressage riders and trainers in the world, Carl Hester.

Top dressage horse Valegro - known to his friends as Blueberry - has, with his rider Charlotte, been selected to represent his country at London 2012. The biggest competition of his career will test both his training and his nerve - can the young and inexperienced Blueberry rise to the occasion? With his success comes unexpected pressure - the other horses and riders consider him the horse the now will have to beat! Will Blueberry's determination to do his best overcome the problems he faced when his competitive career experiences some setbacks and disappointments?

Away from competition the little brown horse's character and nerve are tested in a different way. How can he cope with the prospect of losing one of his friends? And there is the devastation news that he may once again be forced to leave his home at Brook Mill, and the people he loves so much.