Valegro: The Early Years Carl Hester MBE FBHS with Janet

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Valegro: The Early Years continues Blueberry's story and not only tells of his life before he became famous but gives an insight into one of the world's top dressage yards, together with all its inhabitants.

In this second book of the series about Valegro, Blueberry- as he is known at home- begins his schooling under the experienced eye of his owner and trainer Carl Hester.

The little brown horse has to learn his craft and it isn't long before Carl has him entered for some important competitions. Will Blueberry be able to display his amazing potential? Will Carl be pleased with his pupil and continue his training? Or will the prejudices of the other horses he encounters, who look down on him because of his lack of height, affect Blueberry's confidence?

And then there's Regency, the horse with a seemingly unsolvable problem. With the help of his best friend Lulu, the little one-eyed-dog, Blueberry hatches a plan to help Regency- but will it prove successful?