Valegro: The Little Horse with the Big Dream Carl Hester MBE with Janet Rising

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The first in a series for children that tells the real-life story of Valegro, known to his friends as Blueberry.

Valegro may be the most famous dressage horse in the world but his life could so easily have turned out very differently. “Valegro, the Little Horse with the Big Dream” starts the tale of the trials, tribulations, adventures and characters he meets along the way to success beginning with his early life with his owner and trainer, Carl Hester. Would his dressage career end before it has begun due to unforeseen circumstances? How how can new friendships at the yard help him realise his dream?

The story of this amazing horse's talent and determination is one of friendship and finding a way to succeed. It also offers an insight in to the philosophy and training methods of Britain's and the World's number one dressage rider and trainer- Carl Hester. Discover how this unique horse conquered his shortcomings at the very start of his journey to become the most successful dressage horse the world has ever known.